Vionic Shoes On Sale: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Vionic was founded by Philip Vasyli – a renowned Australian podiatrist. The brand’s shoe technology is as a result of over three decades of research and development. Unlike most brands, Vionic optimizes their shoes to help people deal with foot-related ailments.

These shoes stand out from other footwear because of their concealed orthotic support and podiatrist-designed footbeds. What’s more, they are also stylish compared to other types of orthopedic footwear.

We have listed some of the best Vionic shoes deals in this Black Friday & Cyber Monday for your consideration.

Our Recommendation (For Men)

  • Their concealed orthotic arch support is very effective
  • Biomechanical footbed
  • Their design ensures that they provide you with enough stability from the ground up

Our Recommendation (For Women)

  • Provide you with all-round comfort and ease of movement
  • Firm yet flexible insole
  • Give you orthotic arch support from their innovative biomechanical footbed

Vionic Men’s Shoes Black Friday Sale

1. Vionic Men’s Fulton Tate Sneakers

If you’re looking for a cool pair of sneakers, then you have to try out these Vionic alternatives. The sneakers have a mesh upper and an engineered knit construction for breathability. They also have a removable EVA footbed that is covered in mesh. Sneaker ventilation will be the least of your problems once you purchase these shoes.

These sneakers are also versatile. You can wear them for outdoor adventures or casual workdays. They are available in three different colors; black, red, and grey.

Product Highlights

The sneakers received the APMA Seal of Acceptance. As such, you can trust that they are capable of improving your foot health. They have durable rubber outsoles with rubber treads for additional traction. Their design ensures that they provide you with enough stability from the ground up.

Get a pair during this Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. Don’t miss out.

2. Vionic Men’s Astor Preston Slip-On

The Vionic Men’s Astor Preston Slip-ons can serve you well as dress shoes or casual shoes. They have twin gore detailing that greatly influences their versatility. The leather loafers are most likely going to be your favorite weekend or casual work shoes.

The loafers have an understated edge. Their upper is made of Preston’s premium leather and they have a durable rubber outsole. The shoes are very stylish and available in black and tan colors.

Product Highlights

You’ll find the shoes extremely beneficial if you have overpronation. The Vionic technology used is proven to reduce overpronation and provide you with pain relief. That is why these loafers come highly recommended by people who have plantar fasciitis.

Once you start wearing these shoes, they will help realign your feet and restore them to their natural position. You will no longer have any stability issues thanks to their podiatrist-designed footbeds.

You’ll be able to save your shopping fund by purchasing this pair of shoe with the Black Friday discount.

3. Vionic Orthaheel Ngage1 Men’s Sneaker

The Orthaheel Ngage1 Men’s Sneakers are some of the most comfortable Vionic shoes. They are an excellent fit for people looking for versatile everyday shoes. You can use them when walking for fitness or other activities that will require you to be on your feet for long hours.

Product Highlights

The sneakers run small. As such, the brand advises buyers to go for shoes that are half a size up. The shoes’ upper consists of breathable mesh. The upper also helps with tension control because it’s lightweight. For comfort, the shoes’ tongues and collars have light cushioning.

Users also like how the toe box is roomy and relaxed. You’ll find the gait and stability promoted by the toe box design quite impressive. What makes these sneakers stand out is the fact that they have podiatrist-designed 1st Ray technology features. Some of the features include mesh-covered footbeds.

The footbeds are designed to help you improve your posture and balance with every step. They also ensure that your feet have extra cushioning under the forefoot.

Be sure to check out the Black Friday bargains available today.

4. Vionic Conner – Men’s Slip-On with Orthotics

The Vionic Conner slip-ons are a pair of stylish, eye-catching, smart casual shoes. They have a fabric upper and a crisp-looking white rubber bumper. They are lightweight and ideal for a kicked back kind of look. The slip-ons are popular because they embody the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Product Highlights

You’ll find that they are fairly easy to put on thanks to the pull tabs at the collars. The shoes also have a classic herringbone pattern. They’re able to provide a flexible fit because of their dual gore panels at the instep.

After wearing the shoes for a while, the stress on your knees, feet, and ankles will drastically reduce. The reason being, you won’t be exposed to shock-absorption. Their dual-density EVA footbed effectively absorbs impact to ensure that you are always comfortable.

5. Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Up Shoe

These Vionic Contest Active shoes are going to provide you with long-term comfort even after you have recovered from plantar fasciitis. The shoes come in a traditional lace-up closure to ensure that users get a snug fit. You can confidently expect top-notch performance given that they also received the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Product Highlights

Their most outstanding feature is their Advanced Motion System (AMS) technology. The tech provides the shoes with breathable and lightweight uppers. The system is also responsible for the cushioning and flexibility of the outsoles. You’ll also like the fact that your feet will always be dry thanks to the fabric lining used on the shoes.

6. Vionic Dewey Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Slipper Moccasin

The best words to describe these Vionic Dewey Moccasins are warmth and comfort. The shoes have a faux fur lining which makes them extremely cozy. You can wear them indoors after a long day or outdoors when you need comfy footwear to help you get around.

Product Highlights

The moccasins will provide you with sufficient support thanks to their medium-density EVA midsole. The midsole is also light and extremely flexible. Most users find the shoes appealing because of their contrast stitching and leather upper.

Vionic Women’s Shoes Black Friday Sale

1. Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic Trainers

The Vionic Kea trainers are a great fit for women looking for simple recovery shoes. One of the reasons why they are popular among people with plantar fasciitis is because they were recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil – a well-known advocate for alternative medicine.

Product Highlights

Once you experience the level of support they have to offer, you’ll find the trainers almost addictive. They can give you orthotic arch support because of their innovative biomechanical footbed. 

Users also love the level of stability that the shoes offer. The trainers were designed with a deep heel cup to keep users stable.

Enjoy further discount in this Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale.

2. Vionic Women’s Brisk Alma Lace-up Sneakers

You should consider purchasing these sneakers if you like walking for fitness. The Vionic Brisk Alma Sneakers are lightweight athletic shoes that are also perfect for everyday wear. They are an excellent fit for people who lead an active lifestyle.

They are also available in several colors. Having several colors to choose from gives you the option of matching the trainers with your workout gear. You also won’t have to settle for colors that you find unattractive.

Product Highlights

The trainers are stylish with impressive details. Their stitching is distinctive, and they have raised eyelets. Some variations even have polka-dot laces. They are effective recovery shoes because they have VIO Motion Support. The support ensures that you get unmatched comfort with every step you take.

You will be able to save a few bucks on this shoe with the Black Friday discount.

3. Vionic Women’s Spark Caroll Ballet Flats

Whether you are looking to dress up for a night out in the town or attend a daytime event, the Spark Caroll Ballet Flats are your go-to footwear. They have a round-toe styling and an easy slip-on design. They should be your ideal selection if you’re looking for a pair of shoes to compliment your spring look.

The ballet shoes have some supple faux-leather lining. They have genuine leather uppers and folded designs at the toe box. Once you get your hands on them, you’ll understand why people refer to them as the classical ballet flat upgrade.

Product Highlights

They have delicate stitching that accents the soft elastic topline. You’ll also like how there are crossover details above the shoes’ toe caps. The ballet shoes have an elasticized collar for an adjustable fit. They will also offer you a flexible range of motion thanks to their lightweight TPR outsole.

This ballet flat is very popular among the ladies. It rarely go on sale – so be sure to take advantage of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale event to snag a bargain.

4. Vionic Women’s Hoola Tawny T-Strap Wedge

Most women find it hard to wear heels when they are suffering from heel pain. The Hoola Tawny t-strap wedges are a comfortable solution for people who want elevated support. Their fashionable silhouette and strappy design is also a summer favorite.

Product Highlights

The wedges’ overall design will make your feet stand out. They feature triple straps across the vamp. Their fourth ankle strap is assertive and eye-catching thanks to its metal buckle accent.

Even though the wedges are 3 inches high, they don’t compromise on stability. Your feet will be appropriately positioned, and you’ll get sufficient ball of foot cushioning. They also have a cupped heel and a buckle for adjustments.

5. Vionic Women’s Walker

The Vionic Women’s Walkers are great for working out at the gym or taking long active walks. The shoes have an action lacing system and come with full-grain leather or suede uppers. 

They will also provide you with a smooth heel-to-toe transition since they have a ½ inch inbuilt elevation. These are the kinds of shoes that will help keep you on the move even when you have plantar fasciitis.

Product Highlights

You won’t have to worry about your feet getting sweaty. The shoes have polyester mesh liners with moisture-wicking capabilities. The liners are highly breathable and consist of a PU foam base to help limit friction against your skin.

The shoes also have a biomechanical removable orthotic. What makes the orthotic stand out is the fact that it has an antibacterial top-cloth. As a result, you won’t have any issues with foot odor.

6. Vionic Women’s Honor Virginia Loafer

You can get these Vionic Moccasins in metallic, suede, Nubuck or leather uppers. The variety of colors they offer will also leave you spoilt for choice.

Product Highlights

The Moccasins are an excellent footwear choice for when you want some feminine appeal. They have metal aglets on their bow and eyelets on their topline.


The Vionic Men’s Fulton Tate Sneakers top our list of Vionic Men’s shoes. They are quality shoes with an engineered knit construction and remarkable traction. The Vionic Orthaheel Ngage1 Men’s Sneakers are an excellent fit for a pocket-friendly budget. They are versatile everyday shoes with podiatrist-designed 1st Ray technology features.

For women, we recommend the Vionic Women’s Kea Orthotic Trainers. Not only do they have excellent orthotic arch support, but they also come highly recommended by a world-famous doctor – Dr. Andrew Weil. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the Vionic Women’s Honor Virginia Loafers are a great alternative. They are feminine, stylish, and extremely comfortable.

The deals won’t last long. So be sure to get a pair before the Cyber Monday sale ends!

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