Plantar Fasciitis Night Socks (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2023

Plantar fasciitis night socks will help you as you work towards healing your plantar fascia. Most people make use of them, in addition to wearing the appropriate supportive shoes or using night splints. The socks help stretch out your ligaments using compression. As a result, you will experience some pain relief thanks to the applied pressure. We spent hours researching the best plantar fasciitis night socks, to provide you with the following guide.

Our Recommendation

  • Made from moisture-wicking fabric that will help keep your feet dry throughout the day
  • Provides targeted compression around the ankle and heel, which increases blood circulation and ultimately helps in pain reduction

Affordable Option

  • Ideal for high and low-stress activities
  • Well-ventilated, with sufficient moisture absorption
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    Best Plantar Fasciitis Socks

    1. Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Compression Sleeves

    Feet naturally absorb the impact caused by everyday activities ranging from walking to running and intense exercises. However, from time to time, they succumb to pressure, and you feel pain. As plantar fasciitis develops, it starts eating at your feet, making it increasingly difficult to walk.

    The Bitly team understands the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. The brand has helped more than 100,000 individuals recover from plantar fasciitis pain through their specialized socks.

    Despite the numerous compression socks manufacturers in the industry, Bitly stands out because of the comfort and sports technology they incorporate into their socks. The brand has some of the best plantar fascia socks in the market.

    Product highlights

    Bitly recommends wearing these compression socks to bed for effective pain management. Their ankle support technology provides targeted compression around the ankle and heel, which increases blood circulation and ultimately helps in pain reduction. But while they are tight, they are still comfortable. The socks are also made from moisture-wicking fabric that will help keep your feet dry throughout the day.

    Other features include;

    • Breathable fabric
    • Interlocked stitching
    • Arch support

    The Good/What I like

    Bitly has a size chart to guide buyers when they’re selecting their sizes.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    The socks bunch up and cause bruising.



    2. Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks

    If you are looking for a product that is customized to your personal preferences, we advise you to consider the Physix Gear Compression sleeves. These socks are available in both ankle-high and knee-high length and are created for both men and women.

    Physix Gear is a family business that is dedicated to leaving a mark in the Health and Fitness industry. The brand’s way of making a difference in its customers’ lives is through providing affordable sports products, which help in recovery, relief, and rejuvenation.

    In their mission to revolutionize the industry, they use cutting edge technology in the socks. The tech is high performance, yet it’s easily integrated into the socks. The brand’s unique way of doing things yields results and is evident in the numerous positive feedback they get from those who purchase these compression socks.

    Product highlights

    The socks are made from a perfect blend of spandex and nylon. The combination provides a tightness that is great for support and stretchiness, which allows for natural foot movement. With the targeted compression and ankle support technology, the socks help improve the user’s range of motion, increase blood flow to the foot, and reduce foot pain from plantar fasciitis, and ankle spurs.

    Other features include;

    • No-slip cuff
    • Targeted ribbing
    • Breathable fabric

    The Good/What I like

    You can wear socks with sandals, slippers, shoes, and boots.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    They have no padding because of their minimalist design.



    3. SB SOX Compression Foot Sleeves

    SB Sox launched its first product in 2016. It’s a relatively young company that goes the extra mile to provide one of a kind products. In the short time that the company has been operational; it has produced a wide range of products and given older socks compression brands a run for their money.

    The brand is confident in the quality of socks they produce so much so that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if they do not meet your expectations. In line with this, the company works hard to provide not only quality products but also excellent customer service.

    These SB SOX Compression Sleeves are one of the many products that have helped the company build a solid reputation. They also come highly recommended on many platforms.

    Product highlights

    The sleeves have a carefully crafted, medical-grade design. As such, it’s preferred by most doctors and trainers. The fact that they are also FDA registered shows how effective they are. It’s safe to say that they are more than qualified to be one of the highest-ranked compression socks in the market.

    The socks are perfect for runners suffering from plantar fasciitis, given that they have targeted compression zones. The compression zones provide support and help improve blood circulation. As a result, more oxygen is delivered to the muscles, which help burn accumulated lactic acids. In the end, you will have improved muscle recovery, including minimal foot pain and inflammation.

    The SB SOX sleeves are designed from breathable medical grade fabric that has moisture-wicking capabilities. As such, your feet will remain cool and dry all day long.

    Other features include;

    • Open-toe design
    • Tight elastic band around the openings
    • Lightweight heel
    • Minimal seam design

    The Good/What I like

    SB SOX socks help facilitate appropriate size selections through a two-step size guide.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    The sizes run small.



    4. StrictlyStability Strap Night Socks

    The StrictlyStability Strap Sock is one of the newest Strassburg socks in the market. Strassburg socks have a comfortable and straightforward design. They exert long-term low-yield stress on the tendon membranes and the Achilles tendon.

    Doctors recommend that users wear it for a minimum of six hours daily, for the best results. Even though your recovery may take some time, there’s no doubt that the sock is highly effective. Aside from stretching the foot, it also relieves pain and increases muscle recovery around the calf.

    Product highlights

    The StrictlyStability Sock has a unique design which has it wrapping under the user’s foot like a secure hammock. The design stretches the foot and calf based on your symptoms. Because the sock wraps under the foot, it doesn’t feel as though it’s pulling your toes. The Velcro secures the hammock tightly without restricting blood flow. The two straps at the top also offer an even feel.

    Extra features include;

    • Lightweight
    • Interwoven stitching
    • Moisture control technology

    The Good/What I like

    The sock doesn’t loosen or pull down.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    It’s not clear where the strap should rest on the foot.



    5. Dowellife Plantar Fasciitis Socks

    The Dowellife compression sleeves will provide you with quick pain relief. You can use them whether your foot pain is as a result of; a sprained ankle, swelling, arc pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs or plantar fasciitis.

    Dowellife uses the latest technology to offer lasting compression, ankle support, and heel compression. Unlike other brands, the tightness offered doesn’t increase pain. Instead, it holds the foot together and reduces pain over time.

    Product highlights

    Aside from the mentioned compression and ankle support, the socks also have a superior 30mmHG heel for added pain relief. The socks have an elastic fabric, which allows them to stretch and retain their firmness simultaneously. Over time, they still maintain their shape and compression qualities even as they conform to the contours of your feet.

    The socks undergo a 400 stitching process to yield high compression qualities. The stitching process makes them durable as well. You also won’t have any breathability and moisture-related issues, thanks to their material.

    Other features include;

    • 3D-Geo tech
    • Ankle support sleeves
    • Ribbing arch support

    The Good/What I like

    You can wear the socks with sandals.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    The socks do not have as many color variations in comparison to other brands.



    6. Crucial Compression Plantar Fasciitis Socks

    The best words to describe these socks are comfortable and lightweight. Crucial Compression is dedicated to providing pain relief for all activities, including hiking, jogging, walking, cycling, sports, and running. The brand does this by providing support for your ankles, heels, feet, and arches.

    The socks are popular among professional athletes and runners, because of their dependable performance. Some experts even claim that the compression ability of these socks surpasses those designed specifically for athletes.

    Product highlights

    Once you start wearing these socks, it won’t take long until you start seeing some results. What’s even better is that you won’t have to take some time off from your favorite sport, or routine. Crucial Technology uses modern compression technology to provide a snug compression and instant support for your foot.

    The socks are made from a material blend of spandex and nylon in 80% and 20% ratios respectively. The material blend makes the socks flexible and long-lasting. They also have targeted support, which offers you relief where it’s most needed.

    The socks also have the following features;

    • Reinforced heel
    • Ankle cushioning
    • Comfort flex design

    The Good/What I like

    The compression is well balanced.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    The socks should have been an inch higher.



    7. Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Socks

    These socks will ease your recovery. Bitly is proud of the technology it uses, and the results brought about by its products. The socks are exactly what you need to alleviate the heel pain you wake up to every morning. 

    For those going through plantar fasciitis treatment, the Bitly Plantar Fasciitis socks are a great addition to the therapy. Though pain relief may take some time, the socks will help you get through it.

    Product highlights

    With the Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Socks, you will no longer have to endure excessive pain. Bitly uses innovative designs for recovery acceleration and pain relief. Though they might not heal your condition, they will reduce the painful symptoms.

    The brand uses interlocking stitching to provide users with a painless experience. Pregnant women also benefit from these socks courtesy of the arch support they offer. Users also like the fact that it’s easy to maintain high hygiene standards with these socks.

    A few other features include;

    • Machine washable
    • Flexible
    • Lightweight

    The Good/What I like

    The socks are easy to wear.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    The sizing isn’t accurate.



    8. Featol Plantar Fasciitis Socks

    These socks come highly recommended by doctors around the world. They are high performing and ideal for high and low-stress activities. Featol claims that the socks are perfect for mountain hiking as well. The brand even claims that their plantar fasciitis socks work better than night splints.

    Product highlights

    You can expect high performance from these socks since Featol incorporates modern technology when making them. The socks consist of 4-way flexing material. With the material’s high flexibility, you can push your feet to the limit without exerting pressure on your feet.

    As part of the pain relief process, the socks improve natural movement thanks to the 20-30 mm HG compression. They are also well-ventilated, with sufficient moisture absorption.

    Other features include;

    • Day and night compression
    • Ingenious knitting
    • Sleeves expand up to 60% of the original diameter

    The Good/What I like

    No skin irritation.

    The Bad/What I don’t like

    It takes some time to get results.



    Buyer’s Guide

    Selecting a pair of plantar fasciitis socks is different from buying regular socks mainly because of the comfort, support, and therapeutic factors involved. To make sure you get the best plantar fasciitis socks, here are some of the features that you have to consider:

    1. Materials

    You should only buy plantar fasciitis socks that have high-quality and durable materials. Although thick materials seem like the best option, you should be cautious when dealing with them. Thick materials retain a lot of heat, which will cause your feet to sweat and even cause skin irritation at times.

    Most people prefer wearing socks that can keep their feet dry and odor-free. That is why moisture-wicking material is preferable. Socks with such materials are more comfortable, especially if you’ll be working or using them for a long time. With this feature, you can gradually recover without the embarrassment that comes with smelly feet. If you intend to wear the socks at night, lightweight material is best. However, you shouldn’t choose thin material since you might compromise your overall comfort.

    The ideal material should also offer optimal compression. The compression will provide a slightly tight feeling, in addition to some level of support. However, avoid socks that are too tight. Such socks might end up increasing your pain rather than alleviating it. They could also limit the blood circulation to the foot and cause numbness.

    The most effective socks are made from blends of spandex and nylon. The best socks either have an 80/20 or 75/25 nylon to spandex ratio. Spandex is responsible for the socks’ durability, comfort, and snug fit. On the other hand, nylon has moisture-wicking and breathable properties. Breathability is essential because, without it, your feet will feel hot and sweaty. Moisture build-up also creates a haven for bacterial growth.

    2. Design

    Compression socks are available in different designs. Most of them vary in terms of length. If you want socks which target a specific area, you should get ankle length options. Generally, knee-high socks are perfect for severe symptoms and can also serve as night splints. These socks are often used by people who are traveling and those with joint and leg pains. Ideally, the design you settle for should match your needs at the time you’re making the purchase.

    3. Arch support

    Arch support is crucial. Ligament inflammation can cause you pain that can’t be relieved without arch support. The best plantar fasciitis socks provide compression around the arch. Contrary to popular belief, compression doesn’t limit blood flow. Moreover, the use of compression tubing around the arch works wonders in conjunction with cushioned cuffs, which stabilize and support the ankle.

    4. Compression zones

    When it comes to purchasing these socks, compression zones are as important as arch support. Some models offer general compressions while the best brands offer compression zones, which provide steady and consistent pressure in some areas. The pressure is mostly exerted around the arch and the ankle. Targeted compression helps increase blood flow and reduce heel pain effectively.

    5. Size

    Getting the right size is vital for pain relief. Generally, plantar fasciitis socks are available in four sizes ranging from extra-large to small. Brands disclose the arc circumference and provide shoe sizing to help you pick the right socks. A snug fit also helps keep the foot stable and reduce stress on the heel.

    6. Usage

    Many people believe that wearing plantar fasciitis socks throughout the day is enough. However, this isn’t the case. The pain symptoms are highest in the morning, which is why it’s also advisable to wear the socks at night. Getting recovery socks for both day and night use will help your treatment progress faster.


    1. How do I identify the best sock for plantar fasciitis treatment?

    The best plantar fasciitis night splint sock should provide you with enough arch support. The support stretches the ligament gently. When getting a pair of socks, get one with compression features, which focuses on the ankle and ball area. Reason being, those are the two most affected areas on your foot.

    You should also focus on getting the right fit and the sock’s material. The material shouldn’t be too heavy that it’s uncomfortable to wear with regular socks. Remember to prioritize breathability to avoid discomfort.

    2. Is it okay to wear plantar fasciitis socks at night?

    These socks have been designed to serve you all day and night. Depending on the design you choose, you can wear them under your regular socks for pain relief during the day. Wearing them at night will also make the pain bearable in the morning.

    3. Do knee-high socks help with plantar fasciitis?

    There is a need for specialized socks in the market. Because of this, manufacturers came up with knee-high socks. These socks are designed to maintain correct ankle dorsiflexion, especially when you are asleep. The socks provide foot stability and are designed from comfortable fabric. They are popular because they allow for free toe movement and naturally stretched tendons.

    4. Are padded socks more comfortable?

    Yes, they are. They absorb pressure and the shock exerted on the foot. They also provide heel protection, in addition to pain relief. Their performance is also similar to that of orthotic inserts in that they provide superior arch support.

    5. How can I tell if the socks are working?

    A lot of people tend to ask this question. The first step in determining the effectiveness of the socks is knowing the features it offers and how well it performs. If the socks don’t have arch support, they will not ease your pain. If they are too tight, they will do more harm than good.

    You will know your socks are working when you wear them and feel comfortable. The pain will fade away, and you will walk for longer distances without your feet succumbing to the stress brought about by your weight and the walk itself.

    6. Is it normal to have a hard time when putting on the socks?

    Plantar fasciitis socks are made to compress your feet. As such, they will feel tight when you wear them. Because of the tightness, you will have a hard time putting them on the first few times. But as time passes, the socks adjust to your feet and expand without losing their compression qualities. After a couple of wears, the whole process will feel much easier.


    The best socks in this list are the Bitly Plantar Fasciitis Socks. They are costly, but they are worth the buy. The socks are made with hygienic fabric and feature innovative designs aimed at easing foot pain. The affordable option on the list is the Featol Plantar Fasciitis socks. These socks are simple and available in a wide range of colors. They are recommended by doctors around the world for plantar fasciitis and offer great support and comfort.

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