Brooks Shoes On Sale: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

Brooks is an American company that’s also known as Brooks sports and Brooks Running. The brand has been in existence for over a century, with globally available products in over 60 countries. They are responsible for some of the best high-performance running shoes for both men and women. The brand also deals with accessories and clothing that are also highly regarded in the sports world.

Over the years Brooks shoes have also gained popularity as reliable recovery shoes, thanks to the company’s continuous innovation. Some of the shoe technologies the brand uses include; DNA LOFT, BioMoGo DNA midsoles, Quad-density EVA foam, and Diagonal rollbar medical post support.

As you read along, be sure to check out the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available.

Our Recommendation (For Men)

  • External heel counter for stability
  • Useful in a diverse range of terrain
  • Effective stable grip

Our Recommendation (For Women)

  • Comfortable all day wearing experience
  • DNA loft cushioning
  • Streamlined profile

Brooks Men’s Shoes Black Friday Sale

1. Brooks Men’s Beast 16

We start our list with one of the most popular Brooks running shoes. The Brooks Men’s Beast ’16 is an excellent fit for severe overpronators.

They have high-level cushioning and are optimized for motion control. Users also get adjustable support, thanks to the shoes’ external structured saddle.

Product Highlights

When running, you will notice that your forefoot movement is more natural compared to when wearing other shoes. The shoes have Omega Flex Grooves that are responsible for such fluid movements.

The Brooks Men’s Beast ’16 also has the following features:

  • External heel counter for stability
  • Element mesh lining
  • Premium wet-dry traction

We’d recommend this pair of shoe. Interested buyers might also want to purchase one now with all the hot deals available. Without a doubt, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are truly upon us.

2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

These Brooks shoes are an excellent fit for people looking for enhanced support for lower arches. They feature supple full grain leather for added comfort and stability. For a custom fit, they come with dual hook closures, including padded collars and tongues.

Product Highlights

The Addiction Walker V-Strap shoes deliver a soft and cozy custom ride built with consideration of men of all speeds, sizes, and foot shapes.

The walking shoes also come loaded with the following features;

  • Energy returning MOGO midsole cushioning
  • Removable inner sole for accommodating orthotics
  • A linear platform

So what else are you waiting for? Avail of the best deals Black Friday and Cyber Monday has to offer.

3. Brooks Men’s Ravenna 9

The Brooks Men’s Ravenna 9 shoes are an excellent choice for daily runs. They are lightweight and offer flexible support for running on roads as well as other surfaces.

Users can adjust the shoes’ synthetic saddles, which wrap their feet from heel to toe for a secure fit. For closure purposes, you can lace up the shoes. They also have wrap-around collars and padded interiors for extra comfort.

Product Highlights

The Ravenna 9 deliver speed without compromising on fit and comfort. The midsole construction makes them bouncier and lighter than the legacy model. There is also a noted improvement on their heightened performance, especially on steeper and uneven road surfaces. Notable features include;

  • Two 0z. lighter than the Ravenna 8
  • Universal 1/2 Sprung Platform
  • Full-length S-257 Cushsole midsole and insole board combine to enhance stability

4. Brooks Men’s Beast 14

The Beast 14’s give an entirely new meaning to road rage. They are built for reinforced stability, offering unbeatable performance.

The shoes also have a soft fabric lining for moisture management. Their shock liner technology will also keep your feet dry and fresh.

Product Highlights

They have elemental weaving mesh and lining that ensure your feet get optimal coverage. The mesh repels water and maintains coolness while keeping you dry. What makes the shoes stand out is the fact that their midsole density is tuned for gender and weight compensation.

Other features include:

  • Filled innersole
  • Diagonal rollbar medical post support
  • Quad-density EVA foam

And now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us, maximize the promos, discounts, and bargains so you can go home a winner.

5. Brooks Men’s Launch 5

These are the kind of shoes you need to take your running experience to the next level. The shoes have a lot to offer, making them ideal for both competitive and habitual runners.

They feature durable materials and evoke positive feedback for their responsiveness and all-terrain performance.

Product Highlights

The Launch 5 shoe design consists of a completely overhauled upper. As such they are vented for an airy fit. They also have the softest midsole foams that will make you feel like you’re running on clouds. Your toes also won’t feel cramped inside the shoes thanks to their generously proportioned toe box. Other impactful features include:

  • Blown rubber outsole and forefoot for enhanced flexibility
  • Single-piece mesh upper construction for a proper fit
  • A midfoot transition zone for the optimal toe-heel transition

Brooks Women’s Shoes Black Friday Sale

1. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19

The Adrenaline GTS 19 Brooks Women’s shoes have a streamline construction. These shoes offer adequate cushioning for runners that need support in countering overpronation.

Product Highlights

The shoes offer a secure overall ride as they wrap around the foot without irritating the user. They are comfortable from the get-go, and the price tag does not upstage the general quality of the shoes.

Other significant features include;

  • DNA loft cushioning
  • Streamlined profile
  • Asymmetrical 3D fit print saddle

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is a sure bargain on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Don’t miss out on the savings!

2. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The walking shoes have adequate support for low arches. What makes them popular is the fact that they have features that make them suitable for multipurpose use. Users can choose to walk, run, or even wear them casually.

Product Highlights

The shoes have a sole unit that gives users a steady walk. Overall, Brooks has stuck to the same trusted design. However, they have significantly updated the shoes’ materials and features.

Some of the features worth noting include:

  • Accommodation for custom orthotics
  • Certified (ASTM) slip resistant outsole
  • Forefoot MC pod construction

Check out all the bargains so that you can find the best Black Friday deals available.

3. Brooks Women’s Addiction 13

The Brooks Women’s Addiction 13 shoes offer exceptional support and a base for correcting a variety of feet conditions. You count on them for smoother landings thanks to their Heel Segmented Crash Pads.

Product Highlights

These shoes have features that consider heavyset users like the shape-retaining underfoot platform. The stability mechanisms in this model also guide a user’s gait.

The Addiction 13 also offers:

  • Silky smooth fabric lining
  • HPR Plus delivers enhanced durability in high-wear areas like the outsoles
  • Plush cushioning and maximum support

4. Brooks Women’s Ariel 16 Overpronation Stability Running Shoe

As the name suggests, the shoes are ideally for overpronators. The shoes also have GuideRails that keep excessive movement in check. You will end up saving a lot of energy thanks to the GuideRails feature.

Product Highlights

They offer sufficient cushioning and underfoot softness without compromising on durability and responsiveness. These shoes also incorporate innovative technology to provide users with a modern fit.

Other important features include;

  • Smooth toe to heel inclination
  • DRB® Accel shank-like unit
  • Symmetrical saddle

Remember to take advantage of the Black Friday discount and not paying the full price.

5. Brooks Women’s Revel

When searching for Brooks shoes, you will definitely come across the Revel women’s model. They are the perfect combination of quality designs and smart technologies. They also look great and perform exceptionally well on daily runs.

Product Highlights

They have a bootie construction and a flatly knit engineered upper. The Revel shoes also guarantee smooth segmented landings that ease heel to toe transition.

Some additional features include;

  • Heat-activated yearns
  • 90-day return policy
  • Updated knit upper


Our top selection for the Best Brooks shoes is the Brooks Men’s Beast ’16 and the Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19. The Men’s Beast ’16 offers high-level cushioning, fluid movements and stability, to mention a few. The Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19 are quality shoes that have DNA loft cushioning and a sleek profile.

For women seeking an affordable option, the Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 running shoes are worth considering. The shoes have GuideRails that help limit excessive movement and are an excellent fit for overpronators. The men’s Brooks Men’s Launch 5 also comes at a pocket-friendly price. The shoes are all-terrain, responsive and extremely comfortable.

The deals won’t last long. So be sure to get a pair before the Cyber Monday sale ends!

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